What’s Your Limit?

You either let past mistakes define you or refine you.  One limits your future.  One limits your failure.  You choose.


Worth Gold

Kind words at unexpected moments,
an embrace in times of grief,
tears of laughter falling after
sweet relief,
although brief,
are worth gold
to each soul
in need.

Rules of the Road

Buckle Up!  On the road of life there are some bad drivers.

The rear view mirror is for glancing not staring.  If you want to move forward successfully, you can’t keep looking back.

If the shortcut speeds you along the journey to your destination but sabotages the development of your character, take the long way.

Take time to rest and refuel.  Stopping for gas may slow you down, but you will get a lot farther down the road if you do.

Unless you’re off road, keep it between the lines.  The road hog and the slaughter house have a long and bloody history.

Call me along the way.  I promise, no one will ever care more about your journey than me.  Because, wherever you go, my baby’s on board.


Life will leave you feeling crushed at times. Friends will forsake you, and loved ones will hurt you.  And then nothing will be harder than forgiveness.  C.S. Lewis was right: “Everyone thinks forgiveness is a lovely idea, until they have something to forgive.” The bitterness of resentment is a destructive thing.  You have to feed it, but it eats your soul.  It can only be stopped one way.  Forgiveness may at times be hard to give, but the cost of unforgiveness is far too steep a price, while the rewards of forgiveness are entirely liberating.  In the words of Lewis Smedes, “Forgiveness is like setting a prisoner free, and finding the prisoner was you.”

The rat
had pestered
the man for days.
The rodent had to go.
So finding some poison
he mixed the concoction
and he drank it down real slow.
He watched the rat
to see how long
before the pest
would die.
But, his own eyes
grew heavy that night,
and his stomach
cramped ’til he cried.
The next morning
the man was found on the floor
stiff and cold where he lay.
The story may sound ridiculous
but I swear it’s what people say.
They take a breath.
They shake their head,
and then they say with a sigh:
“Unforgiveness is like drinking rat poison and expecting the rat to die.”