I am a pessimist…  by nature.  I have never wanted to be a pessimist.  I have tried for decades to be an optimist.  I believe that optimism is a better way to see life and is a healthier way to live.  But, alas… here I am.  Left to myself I cannot help but acknowledge that the glass is not only half empty, but I am likely to drop it on the way to the sink and then cut myself while cleaning up the broken pieces.  Of course, the glass broke when I dropped it…  I could go on… but you get the idea.  This is the direction my thoughts naturally go.  To think differently is an effort, an effort I work at continuously.   No one likes to be around a pessimist.  I don’t even like to be around a pessimist.  Hanging a round a pessimist is like hanging around a paper factory.  Some good things happen there, but everybody knows it stinks.  I used to live half a mile down the road from a paper factory.  On a windy day the air wreaked.  How those poor souls who lived next door to the placed survived the stench day after day, I have no idea.  They’ll probably come down with canc…  see there I go.  I want to see the positive side of life, but the fact is it just doesn’t  come naturally to me.  I moved a while back, 10 miles up the road into another town.  Can you believe the house I now live in happens to be half a mile from a sewer plant.  I kid you not.  I try to change my thoughts, but it’s like changing my address.  No matter where my thoughts go they always end up in a place that stinks.  However, I have found it possible to discover the positive side to negative thinking.  I was challenged a long time ago to try my hand at writing proverbs.  Seems like a blog is as good a place as any… maybe better than most for pithy little statements that pack a powerful punch.  Here you’ll find proverbs and anecdotes and whatever other kind of thoughts  which may kick up in my mind to help remind me, if no one else, that even with all the negativity between my ears there just may be a better way to look at all that’s wrong in the world.  So here on this page rambling through these words you will find this pessimist’s guide to a positive life!

…oh, and by the way.  My new house is north of the sewer plant and the wind blows to the south.  Hallelujah!  A good attitude is like a cool southbound breeze on a hot summer day when you live next door to a sewer plant, it’ll lift your head, refresh your soul and help you breath again… but don’t expect it to last forever.  The bad thing about a breeze is brevity.  Breezes don’t stick around for long, but thank God they always come around again.  Life is hard, but it’s filled with enough unexpected surprises and sweet moments of relief to make the journey worthwhile!