Love Can

Love is stronger than it looks. Like Popeye the sailor man and his can of spinach, just when you want to count love out, you better think again. Sure, it may not look like much: a little, bald, smiling, 8 year old, cancer patient, knobby knees, spindly arms, bad hospital gown and all. But, you better not underestimate the power she has canned up in that smile. She can fight cancer with one hand and tie you around her little finger with the other. Might not look like much, but love is a whole lot stronger than it looks.

Love can win
At arm wrestling,
When out matched
And outsized.
Love can sneak goodies
Past nurse Ratched,
The moment she blinks her eyes.
Love can make
a full grown, mountain man
Break down and cry.
Love can.
She might seem puny,
She might seem small,
She might seem frail,
But she’s the strongest of all.
Take on the world
With laughter and grace,
Stop a team of miracle workers
With just a sad face,
Break a stubborn man
with a will of steel.
She will even make him eat
the rest of her happy meal.
Who could do that
To such towering, obstinate man?
You know who.
Love can.



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