Reasonably Hopeless

Everything happens for a reason.
You don’t always have to look real far.
Some idiot got behind the wheel,
After drinking too much at the bar.
See, right there is your reason,
Plain as it can be.
Sometimes we don’t like the reason,
But nobody likes everything they see.
I saw her bloody body.
The sight was crushing to me.
But I know there was a reason.
His blood alcohol was 0.3.
He lost his job after five years.
He and his wife had a fight.
His bills were mounting.
His hope was sinking.
He made a stupid decision that night.
Stumbled out of the bar,
Made his way across the lot,
Flopped down in his car,
Whether I like it or not.
Too drunk to be driving, still he was.
He just drove away.
Now a family is grieving.
Hearts are breaking.
Too many people have to pay
For one stupid decision,
Made by one intoxicated man.
Yes, their was a reason.
But there surely wasn’t a plan.

Of course, I’m only seeing
The pain, the hurt and the loss.
I have my eyes fixed
On all the things that were lost.
If I’m totally honest,
I’ll have to freely admit,
It was the worst thing that could happen.
Nothing good could come of it.
But when you only see pain,
There is so much you cannot see.
Maybe darkness and despair
Have partially blinded,
Absently minded,
Confused and bewildered me.
There could be a bigger picture,
A perspective beyond my own.
There could be another story,
That to me is still unknown.
What looks to me like chaos,
Could have a purpose I don’t understand.
What seems to me to be random,
Could still be part of a plan.
Maybe everything’s working together
Even the hurt, the loss and the pain.
Maybe there are more reasons
that time can yet explain.

My friends say there is a reason.
Well, I’ve always known that’s true.
But a purpose,
A plan,
A greater scheme,
That I just cannot do.
Unless, out of the darkness,
Out of the nightmare of this grief,
Something good
truly could
Bring a sense of hope and relief.
Maybe, if all of the sorrow
Caused a reaction,
I could borrow
The good
That comes tomorrow
For my own.
Maybe from all this heartache,
Such a tragic awful mistake,
Something else
Could be at stake
And still be shown.
Light could shine.
I could find
In this darkness
that is mine,
A star to lead me
Through the night
and get me home.
If only in this blackness,
This awful midnight sadness,
The sun would rise
with unexpected hope.
And show there’s truly meaning
In all the bleakness I am seeing,
Before I go and finally find a rope.


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