Heaven Knows

Wind blows
Heaven knows
Cold cuts
To the bone
All alone
He kneels
He feels
Frozen steel
Can’t stand
This man
Hair tuft
Knees weak
Can’t speak
Buried love
This was
His moment of

Rise soon
You goon
Your cell
Waits still
This chill
Of frozen time
Soon done
Your mum
Under earth
Like my

Final hymn
Send him
Back again
Steel bars
Locked cage
Iced rage
My blood
still should
Flow hot
But not now

Bitter fate
Icy hate
He should not
Have this date
Leaving now
Back he goes
I hold
My repose
But I know
How prison feels
Forever bound
Never free
Never again
Will I see
She who holds my soul
Standing in this cold
Wind blows
Heaven knows


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