The Race of Life

A hundred quintillion sperm a day swim their entire chance away hoping to win one, single prize.

Most don’t make it in time. They peter out before crossing the line. Now, this good news should finally open your eyes.

For you were a sperm when you started this race. It’s time you let that put a smile on your face. For now is not the time to be forlorn.

As tough as things may be, you can handle this, you see? You’ve been a winner since before the day you were born.

When your feet hit the floor and you step out the door, there’s no telling what may come.

Adventures await, some small and some great. How you choose to see determines each one.

Life may throw you the worst. Your heart may burst, or you may have an incredible day when it’s done.

Whatever you do, don’t let the routine fool you. You’ve been blessed if given another go ’round the sun.

Wether you loose or you win, remember it’s better to have been, than to have never had a chance at the run.


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