Mine! (Continued)

Some see the glass half empty.
Some see the glass half full.
I don’t find it funny.
I think it’s kind of cruel.
I filled my glass on that table.
I thought you knew the rule.
When you pass my glass,
It’s not yours to drink.
So leave it alone you fool!

The socialist said to share it,
It’s everybody’s glass.
The communist tried to take it,
And fine me with a tax.
The capitalist said to sell it,
Keep the profit for myself.
The stockbroker said invest it,
And multiply my wealth.
A thirsty man just looked my way,
And asked me for a drink.
I told him I had decisions to make,
“Just go find a sink.”

I walked the streets with my glass
And questions in my head:
Drink it now or help the crowd or something else instead?
I thought about the money.
I thought about the poor.
I thought about the taxes.
And then I thought some more.
I thought about my mama,
And what she said to me.
But if I was pissed when she took a drink,
Why would I help thee?

So I turned that glass toward my lips,
And I gulped it all the way down.
I satisfied my thirst,
And then I took a look around.
I saw a little boy,
A cherub for a face,
He looked so dry,
he might just cry,
Then I looked away.
I saw a little girl,
Parched, she seemed to me.
Her lips were cracked,
Then I looked back,
And a vagabond I did see.
He was standing there by the wall,
With his hand just holding it out.
I walked his way
With something to say,
And then I plain passed out.
When I came to, I saw their shoes.
They were all surrounding me.
The girl, the boy and the vagabond,
A pitiful sight all three.
I stood up.
I steadied myself.
I looked them over twice.
I felt so bad I just had
to get a cold drink poured over ice.
Once I drank the second one,
I started to feel okay.
That’s when I headed home.
It had been such a long day.
Now you might think
I should’ve helped,
And that I was just unkind.
But that’s ’cause you don’t understand,
What I have is mine!


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