The Ballerina’s Wish

Strong and tall
The craftman’s call
Fulfills the wish

Steady hands
Designing plans
His gift was this

He built the stage
and then one day
she danced the floor

From the start
She took his heart
And danced some more

The craftsman’s skill
The Ballerina’s will
They made their home

Disappointments came
But still the same
Their love was always known

At her request
He gave his best
And made a ballerina box

The music chime
Was so sublime
She twirled with golden locks

Years and time
They kept in rhyme
This graceful dance

‘Til her curtain fell
He hurt like hell
But took his stance

To work the wood
Is all he could
Ever do

So in his shop
My dear old pop
Stayed faithful and true

One more time
He would design
And fulfill her wish

With shaky hands
The skillful man
Crafted her gift

And on that day
Where she lay
The music stopped

For pop it did
When they closed the lid
On his ballerina’s box.

-H. Louis Jones Jr


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