Chocolate and Roses

Our marriage has been nothing but chocolates and roses.
Sometimes the chocolate has been bitter,
and the roses have had some thorns.
But, life is a mixture.
There’s no perfect picture.
There is pain even when a baby is born.
I wouldn’t trade the worst of our days,
if it meant losing them all,
for the sweetness of your love
is like heaven above,
and the petals
like the beauty of Fall.
Beauty fades,
and sweetness washes away,
and this is why our love is so dear:
Like chocolates and roses
we’ve always known this is
the most extravagance we have down here.
This season will pass.
Our day will be gone.
Other lovers will share their rhymes.
The box will be empty.
New flowers will bloom,
and I will always be grateful you were mine.
But now is our day.
Our season is here
for blooming petals
and chocolate at night.
So come here woman.
Take your man.
Taste the sweetness,
and turn out the light!


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