Got the Picture

I met an old lady who escaped the flood waters with nothing more than her life. Not that a person escaping with her life isn’t enough for which to be grateful, but a few possessions would have been nice. However, when a person is forced to choose between a photo album and staying afloat… well, better to breathe and take pictures another day.

I met a young man who lost is family through a bitter divorce. He seemed to have it all. He was the picture of the American dream, but then she got the house and the kids and half his income. He fought to keep it. He held on tightly for as long as he could. Part of me wonders though, if he had let go of all that stuff years earlier, could his family have survived this storm. Maybe, if he had given up the picture of having it all, he would still have what matters most, instead of just a photo album of what used to be.

Of course, what matters most to one person isn’t the same for another. Some would rather drown than give up the picture.

Know what matters most to you,
What values you hold deep,
Then no matter what may come,
You’ll know what you should keep.


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