How Do You Look

Much of your success in life will be determined by how you look: how you look at your circumstances, how you look at your opportunities, how you look at your problems, how you look at your past, how you look at your future, how you look at people. Your appearance is important, but your outlook will always be a more significant indicator of your success and satisfaction. How you look is one of the most revealing aspects of your character… how you look at life that is.

I know the rule
And it’s probably true,
But I can’t help what I’ve seen.
Time and again
The exception has been
A more accurate assessment to me.
I’ve opened them up.
I’ve taken a look.
Most often I’ve come to discover,
With sincerest apologies
To my mom,
The inside matches the cover.
A lot is determined
By the way you look.
It could just be my eyes,
But for all my viewing
The skewing never one time did arise.
If reading people like reading pages
Are both a similar art,
Then I’ve learned something at the end
I did not know at the start.
The outside reveals the inside.
It happens all the time.
Every cover helped me discover
What I was about to find.
It’s true there are surprises,
Some wonders to be explored.
The cover doesn’t tell me everything,
But it sure lets me know what’s in store.
For all the volumes I have read,
For all the time it took,
Just like the people I have known,
I’ve never seen an unattractive book.
I don’t mean there not out there.
You still have to look inside,
But your own story reveals
More about how you feel
Than by what you see with your eyes.
Perspective is a bigger determiner
Than content it seems to me.
What one person finds boring
Another finds exciting.
And When it comes to people,
In every shape and size,
All people tell the truth,
And all people tell some lies.
But what you will find with people,
Just like you will find with a book,
More is determined
about what you see
Simply by how you look.

-H. Louis Jones Jr




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