Every dream ever realized had doubters shouting up to the last, final moment: “Wake up! You’re dreaming!” Thank God for the dreamers who refuse to wake up too soon.

Of course, for every dreamer who saw his dream come true, there are thousands who slipped into poverty, homelessness, drug addiction, many still waiting tables and living from paycheck to paycheck never able to wake up but never reaching the rainbow’s end. The swath between dreamers and those who see their dream come true is far more than a mile wide. That gap stretches from New York to Hollywood. …Ha! Who am I kidding, from Tanzania to Tinseltown.

…and yet, if you don’t dream… if you don’t dream, you have no hope at all.

So dream my child, my little one.
Dream big, impossible dreams,
Of far off futures you could never reach,
Of mountains and rivers and streams,
Of climbing and crossing and making your way all the way back to me.
For my dream is to hold your hand and for you to never leave.
Well, in dreams you can do what you cannot do, like let go and hold on still,
like soar and sail and see the world all from a window sill.
The door, the walk, the road, the sky they all lead away from home.
So, travel back in your dream of me, and you will find if you can see that I’m as happy as can be, holding my little girl’s hand.
Listen close, she rambles on, of all the places she has gone, and I will smile and carry on her dreams I love to see.
And when you wake and I have left, let there be no regret. A dream pursued is worth the chase. When I awake in another place, I’ll dream again to see your face…  for this is all we are.

-H. Louis Jones Jr


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