No More

Fall leaves trees barren and stripped in the end
The colorless palette of winter’s cold reign.
The first foliage that changes seems a promise so bright
Til the fall leaves turn black with disdain.

Snow flakes off cold shoulders and brims of the hat
The shivering timbers of arthritic bones.
The ice cycles to water and melts to the ground
Til the snow flakes leave and we moan.

Springs fever to all those who are trapped within doors
The enticing draw of unreachable play.
The sparrow’s game is a song, a melodious haunt
Til the spring fever’s door opens away.

Long days of summer go by so slow.
The heat bakes those who step out of doors.
The gripe of a man through the seasons of life
Til long days he knows no more.

-H.Louis Jones Jr


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